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Did you know 20% of Your Customers and Employees are Hearing Impaired?

 We  can help you learn how to better serve them and up the listening skills for everyone. Just imagine increased sales and production while keeping in the a narrow lines of ADA Compliance. Teresa Barnes, RN Your Hear-rific Influencer 


A Fresh Perspective on Efficient Communication

Here to open up listening skills, improve diversity and help you increase your bottom line with education on a multi-million dollar missed market niche.  Yes,  increase your sales and environment by being  an ACCREDITED HEARING FRIENDLY Business. 

I provide the tools, guidance, and support my clients need in order to succeed in the competitive marketplace. Take a look around and explore the various services I offer, some gains for U:

  • Improve Production
  •  Retain Valuable Employees
  •  Reduce Healthcare Cost
  •  Increasing Customer Service
  • Dramatic Growth


Our Mission

Our Mission is to Bring Hearing Health and Environmental Changes to the Market. To improve the lives of people who choose to keep hearing as an active part of their lives. 

Helping the market with our services for a world that needs to stop the silent tsaumni of hearing loss.

  • 48 Million American
  • 60% are in workforce or educational setting 
  • 30% increase in last 12 Years
  • 90% of Deaf Babies have hearing parents - Is it Noise or Malnutrition?
  • Usually Preventable with Knowledge


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